Happy (Haunted!) Halloween!

Hello my wonderful viewers! Happy Halloween! It’s Maya here to show you our amazing costumes! First is Isabelle!  This year, she is being Elsa from the frozen movie. We sewed her dress together, and it took a looonnngggg time, but I think it was worth it 🙂

And then next is Samantha! She’s Eliza Schuyler from the musical Hamilton! I think that’s really creative- both she and Caitlin love Hamilton!

Speaking of Caitlin, her costume is a NASA astronaut. Cait-y loves space, and hopes to be an astronaut someday. When we found this costume, we both looked at each other thinking the same thing- It was perfect!

Okay, now my wonderful outfit- I’m an actor! I started out wearing my favorite gymnastics leotard- maybe it would make a good costume! But somebodyyy (*cough* Caitlin *cough*) Brought up the (valid) point that I already was a gymnast. Sooooo, I went with my backup plan. And I have to admit, it’s pretty great, am I right?  I love the sparkly fabric. Hooray for bargain bin dresses!

Okay, and we finally have Evelyn- she’s a baker, since she loves cooking so much- Wait, can I smell cookies or is that just my imagination? Hold on, let me check




Okay, I’m back- and yes, she’s making some pumpkin spice cookies. Yum! I love the beginning of the holiday season, mostly because Evelyn is usually whipping up a batch of cookies every ten minutes. Which I love. except for that one time where she was on this whole “healthy eating” kick… but that’s for another story. Time to go grab some cookies.

*Hands you cookies through the screen*



  • Maya ❤IMG_4322

Oh, and Isabelle wanted me to remind you that we’re not affiliated with either Disney or Hamilton.


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